Friday, June 6, 2014

Mayson Brothers Character Interview for Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Dawn watches all of the guys walk into the room and turns to Christine who gestures at her to close her mouth.

Dazedly she nods and closes her mouth. The guys get settled and Christine raises an eyebrow at Dawn indicating she should get started.

Dawn:  Hey guys! Thank you so much for joining Christine and me this morning.

"Thanks for having us.” Asher says Cash Nico and Trevor nod.

Christine: Sorry gentlemen but you have to know that your presence is a little overwhelming. Dawn are you ready to get on with it?
Dawn nods and flushes a little thinking I know exactly what I would like to get on with and it isn't asking questions. Nico raises an eye brow with a knowing smirk.


Dawn: Uh…first can you tell me if there are any other brothers? I really am pissed that you all have your Boom and I wasn’t one of them. “Sorry there is just the four of us doll.” Trevor smiles sitting back in his chair.

Dawn:  OK First can you describe the boom? “For me I knew the moment I saw Sophie how I knew I don’t fucking know I just knew she was it my one.” Nico says.

Dawn: OK Asher – Considering you and your brothers had..ahem..a bit of a reputation prior to settling down, how are you planning on dealing with your daughters dating when the time comes?

“My daughters will never date” Asher says glaring at Dawn. She gives him a sheepish smile.

Dawn: Are your daughters more daddy’s girls or mommy’s girls? “My girls are daddies girls all the way.”

Dawn: November seems like a very independent woman. When you found out about her inheritance you made it abundantly clear that you wanted her to put that money into college funds for your girls. Has any other argument ever come up about her wanting to contribute to the household expenses?

“My wife is independent but I find ways to get her to see things my way. She has used some of the money from her inheritance but not on things for our family. She is a very active figure in the community and has helped a lot of people.

Christine: I think Asher has been in the hot seat long enough. Let’s move on to Trevor.

Dawn and Christine both turn eyes to Trevor who smirks.

Christine: Trevor if you knew right away that Liz was your boom why were you so quick to walk away from her when you thought she was a virgin?

“Fuck you have to start out with that question?” He shifts in his chair. “Yes I knew that she was my one but I honestly wasn’t ready or didn’t think I was. Yes its fucked up to assume that she would be there when I was ready but she scared the shit out of me.

Christine: Were you devastated when she said she didn’t want kids?

“Devastated no. I know my woman I knew that she wanted children and that she was just afraid of the what if’s what if she died what if I died.” His fingers move to his wedding band rolling it around his finger. “My wife is strong a lot stronger then she even knows.”

Christine: How hard was it for you to watch Cash being manipulated by Jules? I mean you met Lilly at the same time he did.

“I was pissed but knew that he had to deal with the situation how he saw fit.”

Dawn clears her throat and looks at Cash.


Dawn: Cash how hard was it for you to walk away from Lilly knowing she was your boom but being tied to Jules so Jax could be born?

“Very hard but when you are forced to choose between the woman you love and a child that has no voice what do you do?” He asks sitting back.

Dawn: What do you think would have happened if Lilly’s text to you hadn’t been intercepted by Jules and you found out she was pregnant?

“Honestly I have no clue. And I never want to think about it. Yes I missed out on a lot of Ashlyn’s life but I also had my son.”

Dawn: Is there a part of you that regrets not having another child with Lilly especially since you weren’t able to witness her pregnancy and the birth of your daughter?

“In some ways yes but we missed out on a lot of time. Both of us decided to just give out kids all of our attention and focus on our family.

Dawn turns to Christine and claps her hands excitedly as she mouths Nico. Christine rolls her eyes.

Christine to Nico: Technically it should be me asking you these questions but Dawn has a bit of a crush on you so I’m going to let her ask and I apologize up front.

Dawn frowns before turning love struck eyes on Nico and giving a dreamy sigh.

Dawn: So the readers are anxious to get their hands on you Nico.

Christine: Dawn we talked about this.

Dawn: I meant his book!

Dawn looks at Christine who has narrowed eyes on her and is shaking her head in warning.

Dawn: *whispers* Fine!  Sorry Nico, I meant the readers are anxious to get their hands on your book.

Nico Chuckles running a hand over his head then looking over at Trevor who is laughing his ass off.

Dawn: I have to tread cautiously because I don’t like to give away too much. When you saw Sophie for the first time your reaction was almost pissed. What was the reasoning for that?

“Sophie is beautiful and so innocent that I was wondering how I could convince her that she would even take a chance on me.

Dawn: Did your brothers give you much of a hard time since you laughed at them when they settled in with their girl”

“They know better then to fuck with me.” Nico smirks and Trevor rolls his eyes.

Dawn: Why did you have such a strong reaction to Sophie having a picture of Jamie Dornan on her phone as her screensaver?

“That dude looked like someone I would eat for breakfast. If that was what she wanted or was interested in what the fuck kind of shot did I have.” His eyes narrow slightly “Besides she doesn’t need to be looking at other men.”

Dawn: Who is her screensaver now?

She takes pictures all the time of me and the girls. The last  one she had on her phone was of me shirtless with the girls laying against my chest wearing the tutus that November bought them.

Dawn: Are you happy with your decision for your career that took you away from the construction business with your brothers?

“I love what I do for a living I love knowing that I’m making the world safer for not only my kids but my nieces and nephews.

Christine: Let’s ask some questions and any of you can answer ok? How do you all keep your relationship thriving with your wives? Especially with kids in the mix?

“I think you just need to make sure that your spouse always knows they are wanted. Yes I love my kids but I also love my wife and I make sure she knows that everyday.” Asher says and the boys nod. “Buying the book the Karma sutra isn’t a bad thing either.” Trevor smiles.

Dawn: What was the last sweet thing you guys did for your wives?

“Daddy daycare happens once every couple months and we let the women run wild.

Christine: What can we expect next out of you guys?

“Who knows what will happen. Aurora is always trying to come up with some crazy ass situation so I guess we will wait and see what happens.



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