Friday, November 15, 2013

Review for My Beautiful by Alicia Rae Beautiful by Alicia Rae 
Review by Dawn 4 out of 5 bookmarks

 Still trying to recover from a tragic loss, Lily’s worst fear is falling in love. Distancing herself from everyone is the only way she can keep heartache away.

Deep down though, Lily realizes that living without Kyle is too painful. She finds strength in Kyle’s arms, and he gives her the courage to face her past. With every step forward, Lily continues to nurture and mend her damaged heart.

Just when Lily feels closure within her grasp, secrets from the past finally catch up with her, and Lily will discover that more than her heart is on the line.

Will love be enough to save Lily?

*Book Contains Mature Content*

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When I agreed to review this I realized it was book two of a series so of course I read Beautiful Chances first. The characters in this series are really good. I am a sucker for an alpha man and Kyle Madison definitely earns that title. I love how protective and sweet he is and the writer does a really good job showing you the lengths he will go to in order to keep Lily safe.

Lily...poor Lily. This girl is just suffering. She has so much loss in her life that you want to just hug her. She suffers from nightmares and although what happened with her family was traumatic I admit I wished she could work through it a little faster.

My Beautiful picks up right where Beautiful Chances left off. Lily goes with Kyle to her hometown so she can face her demons with her parents and sister's death. While there, she discovers a secret about her sister. Meanwhile Kyle ever the perfect boyfriend is right by her side. Then she learns that her stalker knows where she is at.

This book could have gotten a higher bookmark rating from me if it would have focused less on the sex between the two main characters and more on the stalker. The potential for suspense was so tangible and I was hoping the story would lean more that way. Regardless this book has earned 4 out of 5 bookmarks from me and I think you should definitely check it out.

The third and last installment of this book, Beautiful Dreams, is set to be released in January 2014. I hope Lily finally has beautiful dreams, that girl has earned it.

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