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Mirage & Inception by Ashley Suzanne

Book: Mirage
Author: Ashley Suzanne
Signed or Indie: Indie
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Mira and Kylee meet Danny and Skylar during freshman orientation, their first week of college. Two sets of best friends embark on a new adventure together, forming life long bonds. 
Mira and Danny are looking forward to their future as husband and wife. Everything was going according to plan. That was until tragedy struck them on graduation night leaving three broken people to pick up the pieces. 
Skylar has always stood in the background, watching his best friend begin a life with the woman he fell in love with until he can no longer keep a distance. 
Right when Mira thinks her life is back on track it spirals out of control. What if everything you thought you knew was nothing more than a mirage?

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Mirage Playlist

On My Own – Three Days Grace
A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
Fix You – Coldplay
Scars – Allison Iraheta
Hundred in a Fifty Five – Pop Evil
What Hurts the Most – Rascall Flatts
Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade
A Little Bit Longer – Sara Evans
Then – Brad Paisley
#Beautiful – Mariah Carey
Breakeven – The Script
Times – Tenth Ave North
Clarity - Zedd

Book: Inception (The Destined Series 1.5)
Author: Ashley Suzanne
Signed or Indie: Indie
Cover Art
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Danny Thomas was never the boy who got the girl. All through high school, he sat in the back seat and watched his best friend, Skylar McBride, in all his crowning glory. The girls always flocked to Skylar, leaving Danny the third wheel. 

Everything changes the first day of college, when Danny meets Mira Anderson and she completely steals his heart. She's the only girl that ever chose Danny. 

Through the ups and downs of college, Danny and Mira's relationship blossoms into something truly beautiful. A relationship that dreams are made of. The bond of four friends: Danny, Skylar, Mira and Kylee is tested one fateful night when an accident changes everything. 

Inception immediately follows the first book in the Destined Series, Mirage and showcases Danny's point of view during those four years that almost ended the night of graduation. 

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Book: Awakening (Book 2 in The Destined Series)
Author: Ashley Suzanne
Signed or Indie: Indie
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Mira’s broken and battered. She’s fighting to put herself back together while her heart is trying to forget. Can she continue moving forward with one man while in love with another? 

Skylar’s wrestling demons he never imagined in his wildest dreams. The girl he’s been in love with for years finally has feelings for him. There’s only one problem: her heart might lie somewhere else. How long until his will power shatters? 

Who will seize Mira’s heart and never let go? Will these feelings ever go away or will they be an AWAKENING? 

**Recommended for mature audiences only**

About the Author

Ashley Suzanne is a married mother of three little boys as well as a daughter, aunt, sister, best friend, birth mother, blogger, book whore and author. Ashley is a native to the suburbs of Detroit, with most of her family living in Kentucky and New York.
You can usually find Ashley sitting in bed, with her laptop, playing on Facebook, pretending to write, entering giveaways (she’s also a swag whore) or on a football field with her oldest son, Tyler. Yep, not only is she a football fan, she’s a football mom!
When she’s reading, it’s typically something to do with romance, erotica being her favorite genre. Ashley co-owns a blog, 2 Chicks and a Blog, with her GBFF Manda. She’s a total fan-girl over a few authors, Pamela Ann, Brooke Cumberland, SE Hall, Madeline Sheehan, Jasinda Wilder, Angela Graham, CM Stunich and Riley Rhea to name a few.
Ashley has no pets, unless you count her children and she is a little OCD. Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite drink is cherry vodka and coke and double chocolate brownies are a must.
Ashley’s debut novel, Mirage, was self published early September 2013.

Connect with Ashley at:

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