Friday, February 21, 2014

Vote for Keatyn

Sweetheart Smackdown Finals

Thank you so much for getting Keatyn to the last round of the Sweetheart Smackdown.

We have decided to take a different spin with this post. As you know, many books are based on the words of the author and how each individual reader imagines the scene. This is not untrue for the Keatyn Chronicles. However, we take this one step further. The readers (and lovers of Keatyn) CRAVE more in the way of details. Details like for example what, exactly, did the outfit look like that Keatyn wore to Homecoming. Jillian Dodd has created numerous Polyvore fashion boards to showcase Keatyn's style.

This post we will share with you our favorite Polyvore boards from the series.

Venus of the Smackdown team chose: AM14

This scene was my favorite from Adore Me. In this scene, Keatyn realizes that her hottie god has the perfect form. What happens next? No spoilers here…

Aimee of the Smackdown team chose:AM2

I love this scene because it's the beginning of where I finally fell in love with one of the boys. Who? You'll have to read it to know…

Ashlei from the Smackdown team chose:

I love this scene because one of her best friends shows up in St. Croix while she is vacationing. I adore their friendship and love how he is always there for her when she needs him.

Pernille from the Smackdown Team chose:

I chose this scene because Keatyn gets a kiss on the ferriswheel that made her lose her mind - her solution; kiss him again to get it back!!

Shannon from the Smackdown Team chose:

I love this scene, because just when the evil queen bee has been mean to Keatyn, the room is filled with music, and her boyfriend and his friends is dancing around. One after one they rip off their shirts revealing their hot bodies with painted letters, spelling homecoming?
What a way to get revenge -haha I got hot boys you didn´t!

Thank you for going on a tour with us through the wonderful world of The Keatyn Chronicles Polyvore closet. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we do.

Keatyn is our favorite heroine, and we hope that you will vote for her again.

Please vote and share the competition with your friends and family.

If you’re just meeting Keatyn, we appreciate your consideration of her Sweetheart qualities and your vote.
(And did you know the first book, Stalk Me, is FREE right now?)
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The Sweetheart of the Smackdown IS Keatyn Douglas Monroe.

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