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Questions/Answers with Marie, Ollie and Jared

Hey guys! Dawn here, I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Marie, Ollie and Jared for a little interview. We had a few reader's questions along with some from myself. OK..OK So I am a bit obsessed with Ollie and Jared is damn fine on the eyes. Anyway here are the Q/A and be warned **they contain spoilers if you havent read the book.**

Dawn - Marie did you know when writing the 1st that Ollie would be the one In the end?! 

Marie - Wow! Spoiler alert! Let's just say I love an underdog. 
Dawn - Me too! And Ollie can be my underdog anytime!!

Dawn - You stated that the characters were based off of real life people. Did you wind up with your Jared or Ollie?

Marie - Now that would be telling. In truth I got the best of both men. A strong and protective man who's also my best friend and sweetheart. 

Dawn - Will the next book be the final chapter for Ollie, Layla and Jared?

Marie - Coming Down will be the final novel in the series and we will wave goodbye to them all fondly as they each get their happily ever after. 

Dawn - Will Layla stay with Ollie or will she go running back to Jared?

Marie - I guess you'll have to wait and see...

Dawn - Typically how long does it take you to write a book? (In case you can’t tell we are super super excited for the next one!)

Marie- it varies. Bound Together took 3 months. Diary of a dieter, two months but Burning Up took a year! However that was due to my discovering I was expecting at the beginning of the year. It was a tough 9 months! 

Dawn - Yes we saw the picture you shared, what a cutie and congrats!

Dawn - Can you please (pretty please with a cherry on top) have Ollie have an affair with me? I am super crazy for a bad boy with a lip ring and big…..ego. If the answer is no I will be happy with a romp with Jared.

Marie - hahahaha! There's quite a queue already! 

Dawn - The following questions are from our readers - The ring has me intrigued , it has to come up in book 3, it was mentioned in book 2 so much, it must be relevant, I really wanna know!

Marie - it holds some significance for Jared. All will become clear in book 3. 

Dawn - In Burning Up, Jared wanted the ring back on Layla's hand, but she never had it sent to her. Will that come up in the last book?

Marie - indeed it will. 

Dawn - Who is the mystery woman with Jared? I'm hoping someone new because Layla does not deserve him.

Marie - lol. I guess you'll have to wait for his novella to find out...

Dawn - Have we seen the last of Felix?

Marie - I have a feeling his name may come up. 

Dawn - Novella for Jared? thank you in advance for writing it:) Can't wait! xoxo

Marie- I can't wait to write from Jared's POV! He's so interesting!

Displaying 1421487_241551516013661_862476460_n.jpgQ/A with Ollie

Ok a question for my man Ollie... How come you didn't tell Layla about your sex buddy joining the band, after the girl were told they couldn't join? I'm nervous for you two this is a hot dangerous situation!

Ollie- I had no idea! It was a total surprise to me too. Especially after I fought so fucking hard for Mel and Amy too . 

Ollie how did you feel when Layla told you she had just slept with Jared a couple of hours prior to sleeping with you in the lifeguard station?

 Ollie- how do you think I felt? Like someone ripped my stomach out by reaching down my fucking throat! 

Ollie when you spotted Layla in the bar why were you so mean to her? You knew she was hurting and you wanted her back.

Ollie- I was still a little pissed. Besides, the chase and the back and forth is half the fun! 

Ollie don’t you want to give me a kiss?? :)

Ollie - I'll totally give you a smooch. (Gets up, pecks Dawn on the cheek and winks. Smiling, his lip ring pinches in his lips)

Dawn meanwhile swoons and fans herself with the papers she is holding.

Ollie when you think of your future with Layla what do you see? Marriage? Kids?

Ollie- all of the above. 

Ollie are you worried about leaving Layla while you go on tour?

Ollie - Nope. We're exclusive and we're both done with going in circles. She's my girl and I'm her guy. I'm not sweating it.

Displaying 1464912_241552042680275_268584991_n.jpgQ/A with Jared

Jared - When Layla chose you what was the first thought that ran through your mind?

Jared - I can't believe she's here! Pure elation and relief. She was there, with me. 

Jared - why did you have to keep such a short leash on Layla? Didnt you realize this was going to be the reason she finally left you?

Jared - you call it right leash, I call it protection and care. 

Jared how does it feel knowing you have Layla’s name tattooed on your ass but you’ve lost the girl?

Jared - ( smiling) she owns my ass. I'm cool with it. Layla means a lot to me for so many reasons. 

Jared what’s next for you? Where do you go from here?

Jared - well first I'm going to see every state in the US and then Africa, Asia, wherever I want! 

Jared what’s your favorite way to make a woman submissive?

Jared - saying please. 

Quick fire questions for both Ollie and Jared say the first thing you think of when you hear these words.


Jared - kiss

Ollie - Christmas 


Ollie - marriage

Jared - diamonds 


Jared - sand 

Ollie - lifeguard hut


Ollie - Layla. 

Jared - Layla 


Jared - forest?

Ollie - Christmas morning and a Simple carving



Ollie - mine. 

Jared - there are no words to convey my feelings. 

Dawn - On behalf of Sassy Sext Addiction Book Addicts I would like to give both boys a big kiss for coming in to answer the questions and a big thank you to Marie Coulson and Book Boyfriend Reviews:)

Jared & Ollie in unison:  Our pleasure! 

My review by Dawn

Burning Up was an excellent continuation of Bound Together. I have to admit when I finished Bound Together I was pissed. Layla was going to Jared! How could she leave poor Ollie. He was her true love! With that being said Jared is so....alpha male and hot that it isn't like she was missing old Ollie too much. I hated that Jared was so controlling of her and in my opinion that is what cost him in the end. Layla doesn't need to be watched every minute of every day and told what to do like she's a child. I liked seeing a different side of Ollie. Gone was the sweet boy next door and in its place was a bad boy who was all attitude. I wanted to throttle Layla. She has two men who are so into her and even after she left Jared and came back to the states she knew she wanted to be with Ollie and yet she still couldn't resist Jared. This says alot about the hold both men have on her. Ollie rescuing Layla and risking his life to do it proved he was all in with her. And Marie...what are you doing leaving us hanging like that?!?! I am going to expire waiting for Coming Down. This book did not disappoint. I give this 5 out of 5 bookmarks. You must read this one!!

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