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Shadowing Me by Crystal Spears


Welcome back to the world of Breakneck where Pyro continues to mourn the loss of Lana, ZZ’s twins drive him crazy, and the whole MC prepares for the birth of Braxxon and Winter’s child. Things are quiet and calm… Or so it seems.

Shadow’s secrets are slowly being revealed, leaving him powerless to stop the resulting havoc. With Tatiana hot on his trail every time he turns around, the tables have turned, and now, she has become his Shadow.
As Winter and Braxxon begin a hostile takeover of the BDSM club owned by Shadow’s best friend, the unthinkable happens, and the result is the worst bloodshed in Breakneck history. The torture, violence, and death caused by the carnage will have the entire MC reeling from the loss.

When Shadow finally decides to stop denying his feelings for Tatiana, he discovers it may be too late. The Breakneck family loss is far too great for Tatiana to think about her own feelings for the one man who has constantly resisted her.

Causing further drama for the Breakneck crew, the Russians step back into the picture. Whether they are friend or foe remains to be seen. And when Winter gets an unexpected visitor, it throws Tatiana in a fit of rage and rebellion.

Welcome back to the real world of Breakneck… where bloodshed and mayhem are to be expected.
About the Author
Crystal Spears has always had a passion for literature. She fell in love with reading at an early age. After spending a decade in business management, she began blogging and book reviewing, only to find that that didn't satisfy her craving. So, she began to write. Like any Indie out there, she had goals and dreams. She wrote Talania - a trip down memory lane, a beautiful, contemporary romance novel. It almost made it to the top, just almost. Someone told Crystal to write what she knew. She gave serious thought to that advice.
For many years, her father had been CEO of a well-known gun and surplus store in Texas. He then bought a tattoo shop where Crystal found herself surrounded by bikers. Hardcore bikers. The Bestselling Breakneck Series was born when Crystal decided to write what she knows. Don't get the wrong idea. Her Breakneck series is completely fictional, but based on things seen and heard, she now had a place to start writing from that knowledge. Seize Me was hardcore, and Crystal became the writer known as the chick with no boundaries. She took the critics the wrong way and made her next bestseller Withstanding Me a little tamer. Readers were quick to point out that they did not like that and demanded that Crystal return to gritty writing. When asked if she would write gritty from now on, her only answer was… “I'll write what my readers want me to write, and I'll also write what I feel.”
Crystal resides in Indiana with her soon-to-be husband and their two children. They have a pit named Dozer, two fish, and one fancy rat. They enjoy the outdoors, and camp, fish, and go boating as much as possible. But, while the soon-to-be husband is out hunting this winter, Crystal will be writing three novels and planning her wedding.
Crystal is a perfect example of never giving up on a dream or a goal. Her goal was to publish a book; her dream was to become a bestseller. She did both of these, and now, she feels that she’ll never regret leaving business management to become a writer. She stays humble, loves meeting new people, and is extremely excited to be a part of so many signings in 2014 with some top notch Authors.
Crystal loves hearing from her readers. Below are a few ways to get in contact with her. Goodreads sole purpose is for listing her work and for reviews.
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Dawn's 4.5 Bookmark Review
Where do I start on this book? I have been impatiently waiting to get better acquainted with Shadow. This book introduces us briefly (way too briefly for me!) to Shadow's psyche. We get a glimpse of who he is and what it takes to get him off. First things first.
The boys of Breakneck are still working at keeping their own safe. ZZ is still reeling from the loss of his child with Storm, Pyro is still mourning the loss of Lana and Winter is trying to keep the crew together.
So much happens in this book. Jamaica, Nevada is getting ready to be taken over by the Breakneck gang. Winter wants all the nail business which comes at a high cost monetarily to the club. Braxxon refuses to touch Winter's money to secure the businesses which causes dissention between them as well as the club.
Tatiana and Shadow in this book...ugh! Never have I ever wanted to reach inside a story and make two people come together as much as I did this one! Neither knows how the other feels which makes their relationship so rocky.
The scenes where they are together...holy dark side. Shadow has demons of the darkest variety and Tatiana just may be the woman who can withstand them. These scenes were hot and naughty.
 What I love about this author is she didn't rush through this book. Shadow and Tatiana are both learning about each other, what makes the other tick. At the end of Shadowing Me Shadow is leaving for New Orleans to help a friend in need. He takes Tatiana with him. The author gives a note at the end of this book that there will be another book which will focus on their relationship. I am eagerly awaiting Pain of Me which should be released in February 2015.

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